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Monday, March 18, 2019
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15" high resolution 1400 X 1050 SXGA TFT LCD

nVidia MAP17, integrated 64MB DDR VRAM
Built-in 4-in-1 card reader (MMC/SD/SM/MS) module

Processor & Chipset

Support Intel Pentium IV Processor up to 3.06GHz or above
Intel Socket 478

Display and Video Controller

15" high resolution 1400 X 1050 SXGA TFT LCD with Anti-Glare & Anti-Reflection
nVidia MAP17, integrated 64MB DDR VRAM, Support AGP4X

Support Multi Monitor; Reserved for nVidia MAP31


0MB - 1.0GB memory, DDR-200/266 Memory module, 2X 200-pin DDR-SODIMM memory slot (USER Upgradeable)

Storage Devices

10GB - 40GB Ultra DMA Hard Drive, distribution removable
External Floppy Disk Drive with USB input (optional)

Audio Features

Support AC97 2.1;
Sound Blaster Pro Compatible;
Built-in microphone and 2 speakers

Input and Output Interfaces

Modem port
10/100 network port
4 USB ports
1 PS/2 port
IR Port complies with ASK and IrDA 1.1
1 Firewire port
1 bi-directional Parallel port
VGA Monitor port
Audio out and microphone in
Line in port
Hardware volume control
1 Type II or Type I PCMCIA slot, CardBus support
Built-in 4-in-1 card reader  (MMC/SD/SM/MS) module 

Input devices

307mm length/19mm pitch/3.0 stroke key board, easy-button design
1 Windows logo, 1 Application Key
4 Easy Start Buttons, functions defined by user
Glide Pad with 4 buttons as pointing device

Wireless Technology

Support 802.11b & Blue Tooth 2.4GHz Antenna w/z LED indicator
Support Mini PCI Type III-A combo module: (WLAN + Modem)/(B/T + Modem), or Mini PCI WLAN/Bluetooth
Built-in Antenna (wireless adapter excluded)

Size 13.1X11.2X1.2(Front) / 1.4(Rear) inch

Battery 12 cells Li-ION, Battery Life: 2.5 hours, Power-on charge available


7-7.5 lbs with battery

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP


1 year Parts and Labor